Our Candidate — Roland Spornicu


Roland Spornicu is an innovative leader with the passion and ability to harmonize disparate ideas, diverse philosophies and competing priorities toward delivering breakthrough results. He is a mature, well rounded and determined professional and entrepreneur, with high standards of ethics and uncompromising values that fully match those of our party. He comes from a business background built over more than 25 years within top tier Canadian and international organizations, where he managed operations, projects, and business development initiatives.

His leadership method is based on fostering alignment with the organizational vision, developing strategic partnerships, identifying and executing opportunities that bring benefits to the organization and stakeholders’ satisfaction. He empowers people by giving them trust, respect, appreciation and heartfelt guidance.  

Roland’s aim is to clearly put forward the PPC vision of the future, unite people of our country under a set of authentic Canadian values, and stimulate the sustainable progress and prosperity of our nation.

Roland would be happy to meet any and all voters living in the Coquitlam - Port Coquitlam Riding. Roland will personally meet and speak to you in your home at your convenience. If you wish to set up a meeting, contact info@ppccoqpoco.ca.

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